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Jewellery Repairs

Farah and Bow and their creative team offer an affordable jewellery repair service from Hatton Garden. Do you have a sentimental piece of jewellery that has broken and needs fixing or have you caught your necklace and the chain needs fixing? Our team are able to repair all your jewellery breakages.


Types of Repairs 

Resizing Rings -

Jewellery alterations such as resizing rings can be done. It could be a matter of stretching up a wedding band, adding more metal to make a ring bigger or cutting away to making it smaller. All these resizings are all possible to get the right size for you. Stone set jewellery such as engagement rings can be more difficult, but most stones are not affected when soldered. Prices start from £50 and upwards depending on the individual piece. 


Jewellery Engraving -

If you require a ring or other piece of jewellery engraving, we offer a jewellery engraving service. Jewellery engraving is a great way to create memories on jewellery commemorating dates, names or sayings. We can make this possible for you. Prices start from £45, depending on how much needs to be engraved.

Plating Jewellery - Rhodium and Gold plating

Plating jewellery is another jewellery service that we are able to provide. The types of jewellery plating we can offer is gold or rhodium plating. We can re-plate your jewellery for you as little as £30 this price does depend on the item that needs plating.

Get in Touch

Get in contact by email at 

Please email Farah any photography of the jewellery that needs repairing.

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