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Jewellery Valuations 

Your jewellery is sentimental, precious and unique to you; it is important to protect it. In the unfortunate event that your jewellery is ever lost or stolen and you need to make a insurance

claim, your insurance company may ask for a valuation.

A professional valuation for insurance purposes, carried out by an independent valuer, is by far the best way to maximise your chances of achieving a fair result. 

While the majority of valuations are for insurance purposes, we can also help if you need a valuation for probate or sales between parties.



Types of Valuation


Jewellery vacation for insurance purposes. 

Getting your jewellery valued for insurance purposes is essential in order to replace any items that may get lost or stolen. Engagement rings and anniversary jewellery gifts are usually highly sentimental and losing them can feel like a tremendous loss. However, having your items valued and priced accordingly for Insurance Replacement purposes ensures that you should easily be reimbursed the appropriate amount and receive a replacement in no time.

Jewellery valuation for probate purposes.

This valuation provides the administrators/executors of an estate with a valuation for the current price of a piece of jewellery. This is the price that would be realised if the item is sold on the open market.  We will provide you with all the assistance you need regarding jewellery valuations. We also act on behalf of clients to acquire and dispose of fine jewellery and estate jewellery.


Details of the Valuation

Your jewellery will be inspected and, if necessary, cleaned before being digitally photographed and expertly appraised; all relevant details are recorded such as:

  • The assessed colour and clarity of diamonds, dimensions and weight

  • Certificate/report details of certificated diamonds

  • Gemstone type, quality, dimensions and weight

  • Hallmarks and any other identifying marks

  • Mode of manufacture and setting style

We will also advise you of any repairs needed to keep your jewellery in tip-top condition. A glossary of terms used in the schedule can be found at the back of your report to enable you to fully understand your document. 

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